Partials & Dentures Portland ME Residents Recommend

Dentures are an affordable and proven treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. They will not only restore a beautiful smile, they will also restore your facial features to their proper shape and form. Dentures also help with enjoying food and speaking, while improving your confidence. 

At Breakwater Dental, we focus on creating dentures that are natural-looking and comfortable. We’re also pleased to offer a wide range of dentures solutions to fit all needs and budgets. 

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)

Another excellent option for replacing missing teeth when you still have some natural teeth is partial dentures.  At Breakwater Dental, partial dentures are great for patients who want a more conservative treatment and also want to avoid surgeries or dental implants. 

Benefits of partial dentures include stability to existing teeth, restoring function to your chewing and speaking mechanics, and a beautiful, natural-looking smile. 

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are an excellent option for replacing all of your natural teeth. Whether you’ve had your teeth extracted or have lost your teeth to periodontal disease or injury, our goal is to give you a beautiful, natural new smile. Complete (or full) dentures restore the ability to enjoy eating and chewing food, while also restoring confidence in speaking and phonetics.


We also replace ill-fitting or damaged dentures, so don’t endure discomfort.  Contact us today for help!

Implant Supported Denture

Implant supported dentures are usually a recommended solution for patients missing all teeth but want their dentures to stay in place. These implant supported dentures “click in and stay in” by locking into dental implants that have been placed in the jawbone. This treatment requires a minor, routine surgery for the placement of dental implants. At Breakwater Dental, implant dentures are changing the way patients with missing teeth eat, smile, and speak.

Dr. Shilo Annis is happy to discuss with you all of the options for dentures Portland ME residents need so that you can make the best decision.

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