At Breakwater Dental, we provide tooth extractions using the best dental technologies available. We make every effort to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process when the decision is made to extract a tooth. 


Our team will discuss every aspect of your treatment and will provide careful follow-up care.

General Extractions

Our primary goal is to find a way to repair and restore damaged teeth when possible.  However, there are circumstances when it is better to remove or “extract” a tooth.  Extraction is necessary, for example, when tooth decay is severe enough that antibiotic treatment won’t suffice or when teeth are beyond repair.

Wisdom Teeth

Known as the third molars, wisdom teeth are often removed or extracted because there is rarely enough room for them to come in without causing space issues and discomfort.

With a commitment to providing quality dentistry in a comfortable, compassionate environment, Dr. Shilo Annis will guide you through the process of wisdom teeth extractions.  We work closely with local oral surgeons to provide the best possible care. 

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