Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, both emotionally and aesthetically. In addition, it can also lead to difficulties with eating and speaking. Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and give you back your smile. Here are some reasons you should consider a dental implant procedure.

1. They Are Permanent

One of the biggest questions people have about dental implants is whether or not they are permanent. The answer is yes. Dental implants are securely anchored into your jawbone, unlike dentures, which can slip and move around in your mouth. This means you won’t have to worry about your dental implant falling loose or falling out when you eat or speak.

2. They Look and Feel Natural

If you are considering dental implants, one of the main things you probably want is for them to look and feel natural. And that’s exactly what they do. Dental implants are designed to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth. They are also made from materials that are compatible with human tissue, so they will feel just like your other teeth.

3. They Can Help Preserve Your Facial Structure

Another great reason to consider dental implants is that they can help preserve your facial structure. When you lose a tooth, the bone that supported that tooth begins to deteriorate. This can cause your face to change shape and can make you look older. Dental implants help prevent this bone loss, so you can keep your youthful appearance.

4. They Don’t Require Special Care

Another benefit of dental implants is that they don’t require special care. You can brush and floss them just like your natural teeth. You also don’t have to worry about taking them out for cleaning or soaking them in solutions overnight. Just take good care of your mouth and visit your dentist regularly, and your implants will last for many years.

5. They Are Tested and Proven

Did you know that dental implants have been used since 1965? In that time, they have been tested and proven to be a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth. Over the years, the materials used for dental implants have become even better, so you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, in 19 countries researchers discovered that 19% of the population wears some sort of denture. Some of these denture wearers could benefit from implants but don’t know it. Dental implants can provide a better quality of life for denture wearers and others missing teeth by filling the gaps in their smiles with permanent, natural-looking teeth. If you think dental implants could be right for you, call Breakwater Dental today to schedule a consultation.

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