Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Bi-annual dental checkups are important as they prevent cavities and other dental problems. There are many oral health concerns, and at times, it is difficult to tell when you need an emergency checkup or a routine one. In some scenarios, waiting a day could lead to you losing a tooth or more serious issues.

If you are unaware of the severity of your condition, refer to this emergency dental care guideline. You will save money and prevent related illnesses in the long run. Below are a few signs that it is time to contact your emergency dentist in Portland.

1. Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Mouth trauma is among the top causes of emergency dental care. Whether it is an accident or an injury, a cracked tooth is usually painful. If left unattended, the problem may worsen. A crack can easily develop into a split, which will require more money to fix.

Additionally, a chipped tooth can cause damage to the root canal. In turn, the affected tooth/teeth will become discolored and decay with time. You can also suffer a mouth infection because of cracks, splits, and chips.

2. Regular Toothaches

Toothaches are another cry for emergency dental care unless you have a preexisting condition that your family dentist knows of. Persistent toothaches could be a sign of gum disease or infection. If you have tried over-the-counter painkillers and the ache still carries on, contact your emergency dentist.

Call your dentists as soon as possible when an ache is accompanied by mouth swelling, tooth sensitivity, and a fever. You may have an abscessed tooth.

3. A Loose Tooth

No adult should have wiggly teeth. One, they indicate an injury, which is usually very painful. A tooth injury could also mean your jaw, nerves, or gums were damaged. Regardless of the cause of the physical injury, seek emergency dental care.

A localized infection could also result in a loose tooth. In such cases, call your emergency dentist. Early treatment could just save your tooth from an extraction! Always be safe than sorry when a dental issue is involved.

4. Bleeding and Aching Gums

To determine if it is gum disease, your dentist must examine your gums. Bleeding and aching gums are symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis. When the bleeding and aching get worse, you need emergency dental care.

If the periodontal disease gets too severe cases, your gums and teeth may be damaged. The treatment you will receive depends on how bad the disease has progressed.

5. A Metal-Like Taste in the Mouth

A taste like metal means your metal filling has become loose or cracked. If you do not see a dentist, the cracked filling could worsen and cause an infection cavity or root canal. Get emergency dental care services for a new filling and bacteria removal.

6. Jaw Stiffness, Swelling, and Pain

Another telltale sign of tooth injury is swelling around the jaw. However, this type of dental problem could be a result of an incorrect bite or malocclusion. Other reasons for these symptoms include TMJ and rheumatoid arthritis. Either way, you should call your dentist right away because there are serious health issues at play.

7. Unusual Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually a sign of gum disease or another oral health concern. Resolving the cause of bad breath could help you avoid further issues. For instance, if gingivitis is to blame for your foul-smelling mouth, you will need emergency dental care services for antibiotic therapy. If, however, an abscessed tooth is causing the issue, your dentist will extract it and prescribe antibiotics until it heals completely.

8. Difficulty Chewing

Your teeth may have worn down from excessive grinding, age, misalignment, or just plain wear and tear. It could also be a result of gum disease, which leads to bone loss around the roots. Visiting an emergency dentist for a tooth extraction will alleviate problems linked to chewing.

If you have any of the signs mentioned above, or other worrying symptoms, visit your local dentist office in Portland. The earlier the diseases and conditions are diagnosed, the higher the chances of your dental well-being.

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