Root Canals

When experiencing extreme tooth pain, it often means that there is some decay or an infection in a tooth. A root canal can be a viable treatment option that will not only save the tooth, but will quickly alleviate the pain. When possible, a root canal is preferred over extraction as it will restore full functionality to the tooth and avoid causing issues with adjacent teeth.

Dr. Shilo Annis can oftentimes perform the root canal right in the Breakwater Dental office. When necessary, we will refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal will be necessary if decay has reached the tooth pulp, if you’ve had traumatic injury to the tooth, or if you have an infection in the tooth.

Comfort and Care

After the initial treatment of removing the tooth pulp and bacteria, we will clean and seal the tooth with a filling. We may finish the root canal in one visit but may have to finish the treatment with a crown.

We do our very best to minimize any pain or discomfort both during and after each treatment. All pain will subside as the tooth and gums heal.

Contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about root canals. 

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