Is Invisalign Right for You?

The appearance of your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence, and the shape of your teeth and your bite can also affect your oral health in some ways. Invisalign is a great option if you want to improve your smile but don’t want traditional braces. Here are some indicators that Invisalign is right for you.

You Have Good Oral Hygiene

Good candidates for Invisalign are people who already have good oral hygiene habits. This would include brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting your dentist regularly. According to the National Library of Medicine, 41% of Americans don’t floss every day, and 20% never floss. These bad oral hygiene habits can make any type of orthodontic care much more difficult and less effective, so it’s important to floss regularly if you’re interested in pursuing Invisalign.

You Don’t Have Severe Orthodontic Issues

Although Invisalign can be highly effective for some patients, there are limitations to this type of treatment. For instance, those who are dealing with a severe bite misalignment would need more intensive treatment with traditional braces and orthodontic care. Severely misaligned teeth usually do not see much improvement with this option either. You should talk with your dentist to find out which type of treatment would be best for your particular needs.

You Can Care for the Equipment Without Assistance

In addition to caring for your teeth, the Invisalign equipment itself will need care as well. Very young children or individuals with developmental disabilities may not be able to do this properly. If your Invisalign isn’t properly cared for, it could lead to bacteria growth in the equipment or on your teeth. This could lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues, such as gum disease. Talk with your dentist to learn more about the upkeep Invisalign requires.

You’ll Use Your Invisalign Regularly

Invisalign is only effective if the patient is using it as directed. Your dentist will prescribe a certain number of hours to use your Invisalign every day. It’s up to you to discipline yourself to use it as recommended. If your Invisalign isn’t used properly, you won’t achieve your desired results, and the money you’ve invested will be wasted.

If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign, contact Breakwater Dental today to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you determine if this is a good treatment option for you.

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