4 Warning Signs You May Have a Cavity

According to the American Dental Association, over 78% of the American population suffers from a cavity by reaching 17 years. Cavities are larger holes that develop on any tooth. The decay can cause an abscess or infection. Dentists will measure how many millimeters deep the hole is using clinical measurement to identify cavities. Dentistry professionals use a ruler to take these measurements from the top of one tooth to the other tooth. Below are some warning signs that you may have a cavity.

Sensitivity of Teeth

If you notice that your teeth are more sensitive than usual to hot or cold drinks and foods, this could indicate an issue with your teeth. Decay in the layers of enamel beneath the gum line can cause an increase in sensitivity. The teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold drinks, biting into an ice cube, and chewing on hard foods. Schedule a checkup with a dentistry office to learn more about what is causing the sensitivity. The professionals can also suggest how to treat it.

Sharp Tooth Pain

Another sign that you may have a cavity is pain caused by biting or chewing on something hard or sharp. That usually means the edge of one of your teeth is damaged or fractured. As a result, it exposes a nerve inside one or more teeth. The most common causes of this problem are small erosion pits in the enamel of one or more teeth. Consult an expert in the dentistry professional when you experience sharp tooth pain.

Holes in Teeth

Holes in your teeth are another sign that you may have a cavity. You probably also have a cavity if a hole is significant enough to be seen with the naked eye. In this case, a dentistry expert should treat it right away. This can happen because of many different reasons. They range from tooth decay to erosive decay, where bacteria eat away at the enamel to root fractures when the enamel peels off.

Discoloration of Teeth

Discoloration of your teeth may also indicate that you may have a cavity. If you notice that one or more of your teeth has a different color than the rest, it is time to call your dentist. Outside factors usually cause discoloration. They include biting down on something that stained it or drinking too many cola drinks, which can discolor the enamel. This can also be related to cavities and other dental problems. Do not ignore this warning sign.

Schedule a checkup with your dentist to learn more about what is causing these symptoms. To schedule your next checkup, contact a location near you. Contact us today if you seek dentistry services in Portland, Maine. Visit our website for more details.

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