4 Questions to Ask a Dental Office

Are you ready for your regular visit to the dentist? If you’re looking for a new dental office, you may have some questions to consider before you make a final decision. For example, are you unsure how to brush your teeth properly? According to MouthHealthy, dentists recommend positioning a toothbrush at a 45-degree angle when brushing. Here are some other questions you should ask.

1. What Is Your Specialty?

Like doctors, your dentist can have a specialty. For example, if you want a dentist who focuses specifically on child patients, you’d go to a pediatric dentist. However, if you want someone to care for your entire household for generations, you’d want to look into family dentistry. Are you worried about discolored teeth or interested in veneers? In that case, you’d want someone who can also practice cosmetic dentistry. A general dental practitioner may also have some extra specialties, so it’s always a good idea to ask about specific dental services you’re interested in.

2. Do You Have Emergency Care?

Unfortunately, a dental emergency can happen to you or someone in your household at any time. Individuals can experience anything from profusely bleeding gums to a chipped or knocked-out tooth. Some dentists offer emergency after-hours services for situations like these. Be sure to ask any dentist you’re considering if they offer such care or have an emergency referral system. Note the exact number for emergency care so you have peace of mind in case an issue pops up.

3. What Are My Payment Options?

Dental insurance is not always as thorough as medical insurance can be, so it’s essential to ensure your costs are covered. If you know you need more complex or extensive procedures such as dental implants, you want to feel confident you’ll be able to pay a dental office appropriately before pursuing such treatment. Ask them about their payment options, such as insurance, credit cards, and payment plans.

4. Can You Accommodate Patients Who Need Special Care?

Kids aren’t the only ones who may fear going to the dentist. Some adults have severe anxiety about dental procedures. However, with options like sedation dentistry, soft music, or therapy animals, your dentist may be able to provide solutions that can help you feel more at ease. Before you book any procedures, let your dentist know about any concerns.

Finding a new dental office is a big decision. That’s why you must ask the right questions to find a suitable professional for you and your family. Contact Breakwater Dental today to learn more about our practice or schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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